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[3-piece ski set Rental] Salomon QST 106 - 22-23 model (Free Shipping)

[3-piece ski set Rental] Salomon QST 106 - 22-23 model (Free Shipping)

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・Ski: Salomon QST 106 (Size: 180)
Suitable for all snow conditions, this ski provides light and agile skiing from powder to groomed slopes. It's lightweight and stable, with double sidewall construction for excellent edge hold. The 106mm center width increases buoyancy, while the poplar wood core and rocker shape provide agility. A ski that turns any terrain into your playground.

・Boots: Salomon Select HV 100GW
Combining Salomon's years of bootmaking know-how with a wide fit, this ski boot instantly adapts to the shape of your foot and delivers reliable performance with minimal fuss. The Autostretch liner perfectly fits the characteristics of your foot, and the shell shape ensures even power transfer from turn to turn.

Pole: Atomic BCT Tour
A sturdy and lightweight aluminum telescoping ski pole perfect for ski touring. The length is adjustable from 110cm to 135cm and features a quick and reliable Power Lock locking system. The ergonomic BTC grip provides excellent traction, absorbs shock and vibration, and is easy to maneuver. The tip is made of steel and the 85mm basket is ideal for powder.

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Ski: Salomon QST 106 (Size: 180)
Boots: Salomon Select HV 100GW
Pole: Atomic BCT Tour

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size guide

  • Ski

    The length of your skis will depend on your height and ski level. Beginners and children should choose something shorter than their height, and advanced users should choose one that is equal to or slightly longer than their height. The buoyancy of freeride skis changes depending on their length, and generally speaking, skis that are 5 to 15 cm longer than your height are appropriate.

  • Snowboard

    Generally speaking, the length of the board is about chest height (approximately -15cm relative to height), and shorter boards are easier to maneuver. Advanced and freestyle-minded riders choose longer boards for stability and speed. Freeride and powder boards are longer, giving you more stability and float, but be aware that they can be more difficult to maneuver.

About rental

If the total amount is 10,000 yen or more, round-trip shipping is free.
Please check the usage method and the number of reservation days before proceeding.

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