Forget the hustle and bustle of the city and get in touch with nature

How about a day hike to refresh yourself?

Day hikes are loved by many people as the best way to soothe the mind and body from the city life. Departing early in the morning, standing on the top of the mountain in the afternoon to enjoy the overwhelming scenery, and returning to the city in the evening to get back to your daily life.

For example, there are many hiking trails around Lake Okutama, which is close to the city center, and in places with good access, such as Mt. Takao.

Day hikes are an ideal option for those who want to escape the stress of everyday life, appreciate the beauty of nature, and spend quality time with their friends. Forget the hustle and bustle of the city, recharge your energy in nature, and go on a day hike to refresh your mind and body.

Recommended low mountains that can be enjoyed on a day trip from the city center

downtown area

  • Takao (Tokyo)
    One line from Shinjuku to the trailhead on the Keio Line! With excellent access from Tokyo, it is a mountain climbing spot that you can easily enjoy on a day trip. The number of climbers is the highest in the world!
    Many routes are maintained, and a wide range of people from beginners to families visit. You can enjoy the view of Tokyo from the top.
  • Tanzawa Mountain Range (Kanagawa Prefecture)
    It is a mountain climbing area that spreads over Kanagawa Prefecture, which is easily accessible from Tokyo. There are various mountains that can be enjoyed by beginners to intermediate climbers, but Tanzawa Oyama is a particularly popular climbing spot. The view from the top is splendid and you can fully enjoy the rich nature.

Kansai area

  • Mount Kongo (Osaka Prefecture, Nara Prefecture) is a mountain that straddles Osaka and Nara Prefectures, and is one of the best climbing spots in the Kansai region. You can enjoy a superb view overlooking the mountains of Minamikawachi and the Nara Basin. Since Mt. Kongo can be enjoyed by beginners to intermediate climbers, it is also recommended for those who have little mountaineering experience.
  • Mt. Mizugaki (Kyoto) A mountain that straddles Kyoto and Shiga prefectures and is one of the famous peaks in the Kansai region. The route from Odo Pass is especially popular. From the top of Mt. Mizugaki, you can see Lake Biwa, Mt. Hiei, and the beautiful mountains. Access is convenient and accessible from Kyoto city.
  • Kirigamine and Takamiyama (Wakayama Prefecture) Two mountains in Wakayama Prefecture, both of which can be visited in one day. Kirigamine is accessed from Kirigamine Onsen, and you can enjoy trekking with different elevations. Takamiyama has a wonderful view overlooking the Kumano Sea, and the beautiful scenery spreads out.

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