Seasonal Outdoor Activities: Enjoying Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter

Enjoying the outdoors with parents and children while feeling the beauty of nature in each season is a wonderful experience for children's growth. This time, we will introduce recommended outdoor activities for each season that can be easily started even by moms with no outdoor experience. Enjoy the charm of each season to the fullest and spend special time with your family.

Spring Outdoor Activities

1. Cherry Blossom Viewing Hike

Spring means cherry blossoms. Why not visit famous cherry blossom viewing spots and enjoy hiking while viewing the cherry blossoms? Bringing a packed lunch and having a picnic will make your day seem like it will fly by.


  • Bring your own bento box and drinks, relax and enjoy while taking a break.
  • Children can deepen their learning by giving them observation notebooks and letting them draw flowers and plants that interest them.

2. Bird watching

Spring is the season when many migratory birds visit. Grab your binoculars and go bird watching. Parents and children can deepen their interest in nature by researching the names and characteristics of birds.


  • Use an illustrated book or a bird watching app to find the name of the bird you found.
  • You can enjoy the natural appearance of wild birds by observing them quietly.

3. Digging for bamboo shoots

Spring is the season for bamboo shoots. Let's visit a facility where you can experience bamboo shoot digging or a village forest, and harvest some fresh bamboo shoots. It's also fun to cook and eat on the spot.


  • Cook the freshly dug bamboo shoots on the spot and enjoy the fresh taste.
  • It's a good idea to have fun together as a family, teaching each other how to dig and cook.

Summer outdoor activities

4. Playing in the river

Playing in the river is a popular activity for children to beat the summer heat. You can play in shallow water, or wear a life jacket and swim a little deeper.


  • Always wear a life jacket and safety equipment, and pay attention to safety.
  • Let's have a good time using water guns and floaties.

5. Camping

Summer is the best season for camping. By spending time in nature, you can enjoy an experience different from everyday life. Sleeping in a tent and eating meals around a bonfire will become special memories.


  • Choose a campsite that even beginners can feel safe at.
  • Plan activities that the whole family can enjoy, such as campfires and barbecues.

6. Stargazing

Summer nights are the season when the starry sky is beautiful. Parents and children can have fun looking for constellations and spotting shooting stars in suburban or mountainous areas with little light.


  • Use a star chart or a stargazing app to learn the names and positions of constellations.
  • Spread out a picnic blanket and enjoy the starry sky while lying down.

Autumn outdoor activities

7. Autumn leaf hunting hiking

Autumn is the season when the leaves turn beautiful. Visit famous spots for autumn leaves and enjoy hiking. Walking among the colorful autumn leaves is a pleasant experience.


  • Take a picture of the beautiful autumn leaves with a camera.
  • Gathering leaves from trees and using them for crafts later can bring more joy.

8. Chestnut Gathering

Autumn is the season for chestnuts. Visit a farm where you can experience chestnut picking and harvest chestnuts with your family. It's also fun to roast chestnuts and eat them on the spot.


  • Use the picked chestnuts to make chestnut rice and chestnut desserts.
  • Enjoy while learning the points and tips of chestnut picking.

9. Autumn Fruit Picking

Autumn is the season when fruits such as apples, pears, and grapes are delicious. Enjoy fruit picking and enjoy fresh fruits on the spot.


  • Choose a farm with all-you-can-eat option and enjoy a variety of fruits.
  • Learning about how to harvest and grow fruit will deepen your interest in food.

Winter outdoor activities

10. Skiing and Snowboarding

Winter means skiing and snowboarding. Visit a ski resort with the whole family and enjoy the exhilarating feeling of skiing down a snowy mountain. By taking advantage of courses and lessons for beginners, you can ski safely and have fun.


  • Enroll in a ski school for children and teach them the basics.
  • Take thorough measures against the cold and prepare appropriate equipment.

11. Snowshoe

Walking on snow with snowshoes is a new and fun experience for children. You can explore snowy fields and forests that you cannot normally walk on.


  • Teach a stable way of walking to prevent falls.
  • Take a break in a place with a good view and enjoy a warm drink.

12. Playing in the snow

Playing in the snow in winter is an exciting activity for children. Build a snowman, go sledding, have a snowball fight, and enjoy other winter activities.


  • Take thorough measures against the cold and prepare for the cold weather.
  • Observe snowflakes with children and feel the beauty of nature.

13. Winter Hiking

Hiking in the clear winter air has a different appeal than summer or autumn. Walking through the snowy landscape is a special experience and allows you to feel nature in its silence.


  • Prepare equipment (such as snow boots and spikes) for walking on snowy roads.
  • Bring warm drinks and light snacks, and enjoy a break.

14. Birdwatching

In winter, the leaves fall and visibility opens up, making it ideal for bird watching. Use binoculars to observe winter birds and learn their names and characteristics with your children.


  • Look up bird names using a birdwatching encyclopedia or app.
  • Keeping records of observed birds and feeling their growth.


Enjoying the outdoors with parents and children while feeling the charm of nature in each season is a valuable experience for children. Through activities suitable for each season, such as cherry blossom viewing and bird watching in the spring, river play and camping in the summer, autumn foliage and fruit picking in the fall, and skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and playing in the snow in the winter, we deepen family bonds and encourage children's enjoyment. Let's support your growth.

Enjoy a great outdoor experience. May spending time in nature become special memories for parents and children.

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